Did you know that 26% of people living in cities wish they were living in a small town or rural area? For many people, living in a vibrant small town is the ultimate perk, and we’re here to deliver a win-win to everyone be matching employers with top talent, and top talent with the small Vermont town they’ve always wanted.

The remote worker relocation incentive offered by the state of Vermont is receiving more and more national attention, and interest from technologists in ditching the stress of nearby cities like New York and Boston for the balanced lifestyle of Vermont has never been higher. We think that’s great! In the age of the internet, tech workers shouldn’t need to cram themselves into a city, spend hours and hours commuting each week, and pay thousands of dollars a month in rent to have a great job.

The Black River Innovation Campus provides an awesome and engaging workplace in Springfield, VT with 10 gigabit fiber internet and all the right amenities for those technologists to thrive. Because we believe the incentives of all parties are totally aligned, we’re laying it all out on the table right here:


We’re developing outreach channels to find people living in nearby cities who’ve always wanted a great tech job while living in a small Vermont town.

Employees in Springfield enjoy 10 gigabit speed broadband, a lower cost of living (average rent is less than half that of Boston or New York), shorter commute times, proximity to recreation and outdoor activities, and a lifestyle that makes them happier and less stressed. Employers benefit by accessing broader labor markets, saving money on real estate, and by hiring employees that are more productive, loyal, and who typically require less compensation than equivalent employees in cities. (And if the need to travel for work arises, Springfield is a 2.5 hour drive to Boston, 4.5 to New York, 30 minutes from an airport with 4 flights a day to Boston, and right on the Amtrak line to New York City.)


We’ve designed our distributed work model to eliminate risks for companies who haven’t previously used a distributed team. Our facility provides a professional and engaging work environment, staffed with a “distributed working coach” to ensure all employees are happy, productive, and successful. Here are the specifics about the coach’s role. 

Distributed Work “Coach”: Studies have shown that while using technology to facilitate remote work is important, making sure everyone adopts a remote-working culture and mindset is the most critical step in building a successful distributed working system. Our distributed work coach ensures employees are happy and productive day in and day out by: 

  • Training all hires on distributed working best practices

  • Providing non-technical supervision to remote workers

  • Organizing technical and non-technical training opportunities for ongoing professional development

  • Arranging social events, networking meet-ups, and speakers (VCs, industry leaders, Dartmouth faculty, etc.) to create a vibrant environment

  • Managing physical work space, facilitating perks like free coffee and taproom gift certificates

  • Resolving workspace or interpersonal issues if needed

  • Assisting with relocation to Springfield if applicable, and ensuring social and living situation is rewarding and fulfilling

Until the end of 2019, we are offering our recruiting services at-cost for new partners. Our nonprofit's mission is to make a social impact on the corporate environment by providing proven solutions for employers to solve their hiring challenges through our unique programming and recruitment strategy. Contact Alex (alex@bricvt.org) to learn more.


Want to live in an awesome place where you can actually USE a season’s ski pass next winter, go mountain biking on your lunch break, and walk to the taproom for some Vermont craft beer right after the day’s work is done?


To build out our digital ecosystem as fast as possible, we’re giving out perks galore: Free access to our Innovation Campus working space, free coffee each month from a local roaster, gift certificates to local restaurants and breweries, and first dibs on newly renovated downtown apartments, at a discount to boot! ($700 to $800/mo depending on the unit, with gigabit speed internet included.)

If you have skills that enable you to work remotely and want to enjoy everything Vermont has to offer, contact us! We’ll pair you with an employer seeking talent, help you find a job that fits your skills, or if you already work remotely, help you transition your current remote job to our space.

Contact Alex (alex@bricvt.org) to discuss what opportunities we have for you, and read on for more information about the BRIC space and Springfield area.

The Black River Innovation Campus is:

  • Powered by 10-gigabit speed internet

  • Filled with comfy furniture, good coffee, and plenty of screens, whiteboards, and videoconferencing equipment throughout our shared and private workspaces

  • A short walk to a variety of downtown establishments, like Flying Crow coffee roasters, Trout River Brewery taproom, and the Copper Fox bistro

  • Staffed by a remote working “coach” on site to help maintain the space and keep everyone productive

  • A quick drive to Dartmouth College (for cultural, academic, and social events), the Weston Playhouse, Okemo Mountain, and many more attractions

  • Easily accessible to Boston, New York, and Montreal by bus, train, and plane

  • Shared by busy entrepreneurs in the residential entrepreneurship program

Why you?

  • You want a great aspirational job without long commutes, high cost of living, and the relative chaos of city life

  • You want to save thousands a year on rent and living expenses

  • You want access to some of the best skiing in the east at Okemo Mountain, top notch backcountry skiing and mountain biking, golfing, kayaking, fishing, hiking and more

  • You want to swim in clean and clear swimming holes

  • You want to make going to the farmers market for locally grown meat and produce a weekly ritual

  • You want to work with other like-minded people, alongside startups pushing the creative envelope enrolled in our residential entrepreneurship program

  • You want to build connections to  an intimate community and participate in opportunities such as mentoring junior and senior high school students in Computer Science

  • You want to be part of the small town digital economy revolution taking place in Springfield, VT

If you have questions, comments, or want to get involved in any way, Alex would love to hear from you! Just email Alex@bricvt.org