Building Rural Economies BRIC by BRIC

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The opportunity gap between rural and urban America makes clear that rural places are facing distinct challenges. Automation, lack of 21st century infrastructure, and lack of access to investment capital are all serious obstacles to rural America’s prosperity. Our mission is to prove that with the right people, investments, and approach, we can help rural communities redefine themselves in the digital age.

With an amazing group of local partners, we’re doing just that in Springfield, Vermont, and we want your help.

This week, we officially rolled out our plans for the Black River Innovation Campus (BRIC) in Springfield, Vermont. BRIC is a unique effort to build a sustainable digital economy ecosystem in a rural community. And BRIC needs an Executive Director.

BRIC has been funded by nationally recognized foundations, including the Kauffman Foundation, committed local individuals and members of the entrepreneurship community. You will have the initial resources needed to build and grow the Campus. But your efforts will also create opportunities to attract additional investment for the entrepreneurship center and the startups that you launch, and play a key role in evolving our strategy as we learn what works and what might work better. Learn more.

Walking the streets of downtown Springfield, which was once the world’s leader in precision machine tool manufacturing, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of energy coursing just beneath the surface. The historic underutilized buildings along with the clean energy producing falls of the Black River, show signs of change. A new tasting room for Trout River Brewing Company, freshly opened doors on the farm-to-table Copper Fox--these are not the signs of a return to something past so much as the potential of something transformative for the future of this town.

Rural communities are looking for this kind of model. We believe every town has potential – and as a country, we can’t leave the future of these communities behind. The BRIC Executive Director is critical to creating a new model for economic prosperity right here in Springfield, VT.  

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